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What you get, What to expect: Photography for Journalism

ad for photography for journalism with quote 'its a heroic pursuit'
Tell compelling stories through images

Photography for Journalism is a modular online course, designed to give you enough knowledge and tools to deliver reasonable quality images.

Complete it and you’ll have all the tools you need, whether you’re interested in portraits or flat plans, sports or social content, hard-hitting documentary photography, social comment, supplementing your current income or developing an entirely new income stream or more.

This course will give you sufficient information to get there, to have a good understanding of what is required and the confidence to create great images. Because becoming an expert takes time and practice, the rest is up to you.

To make it as easy as possible for busy freelancers with variable monthly incomes to take this course, and do well from it, I’ve:

  • Spread payments over the course’s duration.
  • Maximised flexibility in the course’s design. That’s why it’s modular.
  • Invited respected experts in their area to help you gain insights without duplicating what you’ve learned.

That’s why this course is so long. I’ve seen a lot of workshops, online courses and seminars that don’t teach the subject to a useful level. I would rather teach nothing than do the same.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions not already covered on this site.

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