DanceGRiST, SocialGRiST, DanceTheFramework and CreativeGRiST are collaborative projects undertaken by GRiST members by and for freelance creatives.

All projects have the same objective: to help raise the status and income of movement creatives, freelance creatives and those in related sectors. Membership is open to all and members can collaborate in teams to develop small sustainable incomes. Collaboration projects are often cross-sector, use Agile Scrum, and have learning and commercial components.

Projects supplement – and do not compete with – members’ own creative practices.

a lithe light skinned woman with thick curly hair is draped on a fence in dappled sunlight
image: Andrea Pelaez Lyons improv,
(c) Carole Edrich
One female dancer with bent knees looking down at drops of water coming from a foundtain on the pavement which her hand is upon. Other dancers are behind her and there is an impressive building behind them
Shobana Jeyasingh’s dancers plus gifted amateurs at Big Dance 2010
two male dancers leaning backwards but facing each other, with the one on the left appearing to push the one on the right
GRiST meaning
image: Lemington Ridley and Nejc Jus,
(c) Carole Edrich
A mature couple, both wearing glasses are dancing argentine tango, close embrace, dancing to the left in an aircraft hanger with small airplane behind them. The visible letters on the plane are .old
image: Sandra and Terry Badis dancing Argentine Tango, (c) Carole Edrich
A single dancer leaning backwards arms oustretched with one foot mostly on the floor and the other straight upwards at 40 degrees to the vertical, she has braids
image: Artistry Youth Dance performer (c) Carole Edrich