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Dates, Course Structure and Conditions

Course structure

The Photography for Journalism course has two streams and each has six modules. Each module contains four units.

Follow Stream One all the way through to become a competent visual storyteller.

Follow Stream Two all the way through to get confidence with your DSLR, mirrorless or high-end point-and-press camera and pro tips and tricks.

Alternatively, dip in and out of both modules to fill in skill gaps

  • Two modules will run each month provided a minimum of five students have signed up per module.
  • Where there are more than 12 students in a module we will increase the time for group Q&As, homework and/or self-study
  • A module must have 5 or more students to run. Where it doesn’t we will make best efforts to run the module in the future or in an alternative format.





  • The next course starts in March 2019 and will end in September.
  • Registration fee for the full course is due before the course starts.
  • Module subscriptions are payable on the first of each month in advance.


  • The course requires a minimum of 5 people to run.
  • Because all the tutors are real-life photographers and photojournalists they may be called on unanticipated assignments. When this happens we will give you as much notice as possible of any changes.

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