Nihon Matsuo, London 2014 (c) Carole Edrich

Member Benefits

Members become part of an extended network of motivated peers. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas, join beta tests and Sharings, and can participate in decision making.

The more members contribute, the more they benefit. Benefits include profit sharing, PR and marketing for their work, training in innovative techniques, insights into the decision making of arts, culture and finance organisations, early notice of arts opportunities along with priority access and first choice of our courses and events.


Vuokatti Dance Festival, Finland 2011 (c) Carole Edrich

Project Benefits

As well as the direct benefits from participating in projects (learning how to build startups, present ideas, communicate with arts and non-arts funders and profit share), members make new alliances, learn new approaches and become accustomed to expressing themselves in ways that financial, commercial and start-up organisations understand.

So far we have seen new podcasting collaborations, aspects of our development framework embedded into dancers’ creative practices, an agile extension of the Scrum paradigm that fits a new osteopathic practice, the application of new metrics in grant applications, the adoption of Agile Scrum principles into a personal creative ethos, and the application of learnings to enhance a group’s PR representation.

‘Dealing With It’, Tabanka. Oslo 2014 (c) Carole Edrich

Realising Our Strategy

As each successful project generates revenue, each team member receives a proportion of income relative to their contribution. Sustainable ideas provide small sustainable incomes to those who have created and are running them.

This will empower participants to turn down offers of work at unrealistically low rates, and give them more free time for creation.


Over time, as the beneficiaries introduce peers to the platform, and more people join new projects, more creative freelancers will be able to do the same, with a consequent snowball effect. That is our GRiST.

Creative freelancers are – of course – creative, and in times to come we look forward to discovering and documenting the many unexpected ways that our members apply what they learn..

Carole Edrich, Founder