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Course Contents

The course is modular and incremental. The major contents are summarised alphabetically below

  • A view of competition winners from an expert
  • Agency photography from an expert
  • Apps that help and hinder
  • Add-ons and euaqlisers
  • Architecture and interiors from an expert
  • Composing for your media
  • Composition basics
  • Contrast and how to use it
  • Copyright, consent and countries
  • Dance photography from an expert
  • Detailed photojournalism
  • Different ways to earn from your images
  • Documentary photography from an expert
  • Entertainment photography from an expert
  • Events Photography from an expert
  • Faking it with camphones
  • Filters
  • Fitting style to the pitch
  • Flat lays
  • Headshots from an expert
  • How to read a photograph
  • Instagram best practice from an expert
  • Introduction to low light and high speed photography
  • Lifestyle dos and don’ts
  • Light, how it’s perceived, how to use it to tell a story
  • Mobile phonography
  • Photography for foreign correspondents from an expert
  • Photography for social from an expert
  • Portraits from an expert
  • Product Shots
  • Sharpness, depth of field and soft focus
  • Storyboarding themes, tricks and traps
  • Tones
  • Travel / Lifestyle photography (depending on availability)
  • Using light to tell your story
  • What do photo editors want
  • When camphones don’t cut it
  • Working with designers

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